When Pioneer introduces a new product, we're in it for the long haul. Our philosophy of product stewardship means that every step of the way - from initial research to the discontinuation of a product - we're responsible for managing the life cycle of our technologies to deliver maximum product value, benefits and longevity.

That's why Pioneer requires that all growers comply with regulations, Pioneer policies and crop management strategies specific to the product. Here are a few examples:

Patents Covered by the Pioneer Technology Agreement

See a list of patents and intellectual property that covers Pioneer lines.

Product Use Guide

Detailed instructions for the proper use of biotech traits available in Pioneer® brand seed products.

Material Safety Data Sheets

On this page you will find material safety data sheet summaries for Pioneer® brand products. Each product safety summary includes information on material identification, physical data, fire and explosion data, reactivity, health hazard, first aid, handling procedures, special precautions and shipping regulations.

Non-GMO Validation Certificates

See a list of non-GMO product validation certificates available from Pioneer.

Weed Resistance Management

Growers have widely embraced herbicide tolerance technology because it provides convenient, effective and economical weed control in crops. However, intensive long-term use of any single herbicide mode of action can lead to the development of weed resistance. Integrated management practices can minimize this risk, while at the same time providing growers with a more consistent and effective weed control program.

Corn Refuge Hybrid Selector

To help growers properly implement a refuge, Pioneer has partnered with industry Bt corn technology providers, the Ontario Corn Committee and the Canadian Corn Pest Coalition (CCPC) to build a Corn Refuge Hybrid Selector. This calculator is designed to help growers plan how to meet the minimum refuge requirements for each of the Bt corn products on their farms. Visit:

Seed Treatment Stewardship

Seed treatment management and responsible stewardship play a vital role in sustaining our environment while maximizing crop health. Responsible stewardship practices help maintain seed and seed treatment integrity, which keeps the active ingredient on the seed to achieve the maximum crop health benefit for the investment.


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