DuPont Pioneer
Community Investment Program


Corporate Giving Grant program

The Corporate Giving Grant program aims to add economic or social value to communities and stakeholders, collaborate with funding programs that address rural economic and social issues, and support projects that have broad-based funding support and measurable results.

We Proudly Support:

Food Security

We strive to provide nutritious food to billions of people worldwide while many people don't know where their food comes from. Thus we support programs including school breakfast and nutrition, food banks, rural meal delivery and community gardens.


We know education is key to continue making important advancements in agriculture. That is why we support projects like local science fairs, classroom science projects and after school activities.

Community Betterment

We recognize the importance of vibrant, sustainable and safe communities across rural Canada. We are proud to support projects that include community improvement efforts, local health and human services along with fire fighting and other rescue equipment.

We Gave Back!

Funding Initiative for Rural Emergencies (F.I.R.E.)

DuPont Pioneer launched F.I.R.E. to support organizations focused on farm and home safety. Through the program we gave over $300,000 to emergency services and first responders across Canada.

Smaller communities, fewer people, and more open spaces are some of the biggest benefits to living on farms and in rural areas. However, the same qualities that draw many to a rural lifestyle present a challenge in an emergency situation. With smaller populations and more remote locations, the majority of rural areas rely on volunteer fire and emergency crews to respond to fires, medical or other rescue situations. Many of these departments are challenged to purchase updated gear and technology to protect volunteers and serve residents. DuPont Pioneer wants to help!

Full Belly! Full Mind!

At DuPont Pioneer, we think it's important that every child has the opportunity to be their best. That's why we launched the Full Belly! Full Mind! initiative. We were able to give over $200,000 to support breakfast and student nutrition programs across Canada.

In Canada, many children are at risk of missing out on at least one meal each day. Poor nutrition in children increases the risk of developing chronic illnesses such as asthma, diabetes and heart disease. DuPont Pioneer wants to help!

We are pleased to continue supporting these very important initiatives while making valuable contributions through the new Growing Today, Leading Tomorrow initiative.

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